Lecture 1 Jingchu Culture-Hubei China

Dr.Fang Fang

Lecture 2 Land of Heroes- -Hubei China

Xu Jiasi

Lecture 3 Spring Festival Travel Rush in China

Prof.Liang Li

Lecture 4 Chinese Tea Culture

Prof.Cheng Jin

Lecture 5 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)and Its Clinical Application

Prof.Hu Desheng

Lecture 6 The Reform of Chinese Basic Education Curriculum

Associate Prof.Huang Fang

Lecture 7 E-Commerce in China

Dr. Wang BanBan

Lecture 8 Welcome to School of Medicine and Health Management

Dr. Ruoxi Wang



Gao Yao is currently a Ph.D. student in finance, School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She received a Bachelor of Economics in investment from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and then went on to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester (MSc Financial Economics).


Lelai Shi is currently an associate professor in the School of Economics at Wuhan Textile University. He received Ph.D in Economics at Wuhan University of Technology. The courses he taught include: Cross-Border E-commerce, International Trade, Customs Practice, Textile and Garment Economics, etc. He guided students to participate in the `National College Students Foreign Trade Documentary (Textile) + Cross-Border E-commerce Professional Ability Competition` and won the `Excellent Instructor Award` twice.

Xu JiaSi

Xu Jiasi,graduated with a Master s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages at Wuhan University,is now full-time Chinese teacher at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.She has taught Chinese to speakers of other languages in HUST for more than 10 years.Her major Chinese courses include: Medical Chinese,Business Chinese,Intermediate/Advanced Chinese,Intermediate/Advanced Speaking Chinese,etc.

Dr. Liu Chenxi

Dr.Chenxi Liu,Ph.D.graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST),is a current lecturer in the School of Medicine and Health Management at Tongji Medical College,HUST. Dr.Liu s research mainly focuses on the management and governance of antimicrobial resistance.His major courses include Public Policy Analysis, Hospital Administration,Health Economics,Public Health Ethics etc.

Dr.Fang Fang

Fang Fang,graduated with a Doctoral Degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, is the full-time Chinese teacher at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She has taught Chinese to speakers of other languages in HUST for more than 10 years.Her major Chinese courses include: Comprehensive Chinese, Newspaper and Journal Chinese, Business Chinese, Survey of China,etc.

Prof.Hu Desheng

Dr.Desheng Hu is a professor and outstanding scholar at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). He received his master degree in medicine in Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007. After completing his PhD degree in Immunology in Jena University Germany in 2012, Dr.Hu continued his research as a postdoc fellow in Ludwig-Maximil-ians-Universitat Munchen Germany.He joined the department of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Union hospital, Tongji Medical College, HUST in 2018, and has been engaged in clinical, teaching and scientific research, and the main research field is to screen the anti-angiosclerosis monomers from Chinese herbs and further investigate their mechanism. At present, Dr.Hu has published more than 20 high-quality academic papers, and won the National Science and Technology Progress Award (4/10).

Associate Prof.Huang Fang

Dr.Huang Fang is an associate professor in School of Education at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Her research focuses on K-12 curriculum, teaching and science education. She is teaching two master courses which are Reform of Basic Education Curriculum and Introductory of Science Education.

Dr.Liang Li

Dr.Li Liang is a professor in Foreign Languages School at Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST).She has taught English, linguistics, Chinese as a Foreign Language and Chinese Literature since 1988. She was the chair of the English Department at HUST between 2005-2011, a faculty in Department of Classic and Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Wayne State University(WSU) between 2011-2013, Vice Director of the Confucius Institute at WSU between 2013-2016,and 2019-2020. Her current research is focused on cognitive linguistics and teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Prof.Wang Bing

Wang Bing is the professor of College of Public Administration in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.He was employed as Huazhong Scholar in 2020 by the university. His researches focus on the state governance and social development.He has undertaken three research programs from NSFC and Ministry of Education,and has published more than 40 academic papers in English and Chinese and one book. He is the fellow of Marxism Research Institute in HUST, fellow of Hubei Public Administration Research Institute, expert of Hubei Government Administrative Capacity Construction, fellow of Anti-corruption Research Center of Hubei.

Dr. Li BoYang

Dr.Li Boyang is a graduate of HUST,holding a Ph.D.in management.He attained his Post-doctorate at Wuhan University and was a visiting scholar at the Greifswald University of Medicine along with serving as a consultant in WHO-WPRO.He is a proactive assistant professor and researcher in HUST and with 10+years of experience in teaching courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels along with supervising 20+ Bachelor level thesis. Some of his other achievements include editing and co-authoring two monographs on contemporary trends in the continuity of care and integrated healthcare. He has published over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals on the topics of the healthcare system in China, Chronic disease management and control, etc.

Dr.Wang Yang

Dr.Wang Yang has a multi-disciplinary education and research background.He earned a B.E.in Electronic and Information Engineering and a Ph.D.in Management Science and Engineering.He was a visiting scholar in Columbia Business School at Columbia University.His primary research interests include healthcare big data analytics,quality assessment of big data,and digital transformation.

Dr.Wu Hong

Dr.Wu Hong is an assistant professor at the School of Medicine and Health Management at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She holds a Ph.D.in Management. Her research focuses on e-Health,Health IT,social media,and health economics. She has published more than 20 papers in international journals indexed by SCI/SSCl.Her work was also presented at the information system conferences, such as PACIS and HICSS, and won the PACIS2019 Best Paper Award.She focuses on exploring the effective operation and management mechanism of Internet plus medical service and the way to integrate it with traditional medical service, to provide practical evidence and decision-making suggestions for the development of medical and health field.

Dr. Wang BanBan

Dr.Wang obtained her Ph.D.in Economics at Wuhan University,China.Her current position is an associate professor at the School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST),China.She also shares experiences as visiting scholars at Duke University (2017.12-2018.11)and Australian National University (2014.12).She teaches International Trade,E-Commerce and Environmental Economics.Her research interests include climate and environmental policies such ETS in developing countries,energy economics,green innovation, etc.

Dr.Chen Xia

Dr. Chen is currently the Associate Professor with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She is the IEEE senior member. Her current research interests include distributed control technology in microgrids, renewable energy integration technologies, and energy storage technologies. She is the principle investigator of two projects funded by NSFC. She has authored and coauthored more than 20 peer-reviewed journal papers and has 10;authorized invention patents. Dr. Chen is currently the general sectary of IEEE PES Wuhan Chapter, and the Young Editor of the CSEE JPES. She received the IEEE PES China Outstanding Young Volunteer Award in 2018.


Ouyang Hongbing,Vice Dean and Professor of the School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He graduated from Department of Automatic Control,Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and got Ph.D degree in finance from City University of Hong Kong. His research interest is financial economics,financial regulations and risk management.

Cheng Jin

Cheng Jin, with a M.A. in English for Specific Purposes, is an English teacher at School of Foreign Languages at Huazhong University of Science ; Technology. She has taught College English and Graduate English at HUST since 1998. She has been working as the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at UFMG(Federal University of Minas Gerais) since 2018. Her current research focuses on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Dr.Wang Ruoxi

Dr.Ruoxi Wang,Ph.D.from University of Nottingham,U.K;Associate Deputy and Master s supervisor in Department of Health Management,School of Medicine and Health Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.Her research interests include mental health promotion,health service provision and utilization,etc.Dr.Wang was the recipient of two grants including one National Natural Science Foundation(NSFC)Grant;published 10 articles in peer-reviewed journals indexed in SCI/SSCl,and one monograph.She teaches Scientific Writing, Health Management (for International students),Research methodology in Social Sciences,Public Administration,etc.

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